Uses And Applications Of A Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a tool of display that is connected to a computer. A projector is used to display the contents of a computer desktop on the whiteboard.

electronic whiteboard

There are several uses of an interactive whiteboard:

  • It is used to control the personal computer using click and drag, markup functions to manipulate elements on the board.
  • It is used to capture and save notes written on a whiteboard to the personal computer.
  • It captures notes written on a graphics tablet that is connected to the whiteboard.
  • It can be used to run software that is loaded onto a connected personal computer, e.g. web browsers.
  • It can translate cursive writing on a graphics tablet into text by using the OCR software.
  • It uses an audience responsive system to enable presenters to poll a classroom audience or conduct quizzes and capture the feedback on the interactive whiteboard.

Applications of interactive whiteboard.

  • It helps to revolutionalize business communication by using it in a videoconferencing system to enable a virtual meeting turn into a real meeting. This happens by connecting the head offices and branch offices.
  • It is perfect when it comes to making presentations and during brainstorming sessions. It is a fast and smooth way by which information can be sent, saved and printed out easily.
  • It can cut the costs associated with money consuming conferences. It also saves time because everyone can interact with each other in a meeting and provide their contribution in real time.
  • It can be used in schools to help teachers perform more effectively and the students can stay more focused. Students can make the lessons more interactive by using tablet PCs to give their input in the classroom.
  • It opens up a new world of possibilities as a result of connectivity. It allows the use of online content with a lot of ease.